Saturday, December 15, 2012

Returning to robotics

After many years of doing other things I decided to get back to robotics. I have many Ideas and projects in mind but thought I should start small to see how much I remember. So here I present my bot named RED. 

What he will do is run free until he comes to a obstacle, Then will look to both sides with his sensor turret to find a clear path. He will decide where the clear path is, turn in that direction, and go on his marry way until the next obstacle. 

I am using a Parallax Propeller controller, running at 8Mhz. He will have a Sharp GP2Y0A2YK IR Infrared Range Sensor in the turret to detect obstacles. The chassis is a Re-purposed spy gear ATV 360. He tips the scale at about 2 pounds (30 Oz). Runs on 9 Volts by 6 AA cells. The body and turret was handmade in sheet styrene plastic. 

For those that never seen a spy gear ATV 360, here is a pic.