Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tracked Racers

I have decided to do a series of sci-fi vehicles for papercraft. Each vehicle is made up of separate blocks. This was done to allow the beginner to construct them easily. I had a happy accident, I realized, if you placed magnets under the white placement panels, They could become modular toys. Allowing a endless number of designs.

A short back history.
There is a planet called Natera, its a little hotter and larger than earth. There are 3 climate zones. Around the equator is the hottest and is made up of mostly sand, and little water found in small lakes and pools. Above and below this is the temperate zone, here it is mostly water with several islands surrounded by swampy type ground. Some islands are as big as a continent. Near the poles is a arctic type zone with all ice and temperature reaching in the negative during the nights.

There are 6 great clans on Natera. They are the Cado, Gildas, Adair, Rhodri, Waylon, Angus. They are at Pre-space flight but do have satellites in space. There is now mostly peace having survived a 2000 year war that caused near extinction. The survivors of the war joined together and formed clans having several hundred to thousands of members. These clans now solve disputes with cross country races. Each clan has a different style vehicle depending where they live.

I have the 3D models done at this time. Here is a preview.

I will soon release them for download.