Thursday, December 17, 2015

Current projects

Been a bit since last post. Been busy with many things. just a update as to what projects I am working on and finished.

Quadcopter, scratchbuild

Controller Brain.. APM 2.8

brain installed

Rc transmitter Tray

Before paint

Electric generator from a converted ceiling fan motor.. WIP

Saturday, August 8, 2015

fast sewing project for a friend

I decided to use some fabric I had laying around for how long I don't remeber. I decided to make a friend a japanese sword bag from it, he loves blue.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

rework of my classic cylon costume

I am currently reworking my classic battlestar galactica cylon costume. I am repairing parts and upgrading the eye to my version 4 kit. I am also adding a on the fly voice changer.

reference pic from 2011

structural repairs to the helmet are done. Just need to retouch up paint, Install new eye scanner.

I am also making a correct undersuit. This pic is of the undersuit for the silver cylon centurion, the gold centurion has a all black undersuit.

I revamped the belt for the install of the on the fly voice changer. on the original, the belt provided the power to run the eye. Because I have updated the eye to use modern electronics, the power can be in the helmet, the belt now contains exciter speakers for the voice. 

The exciter speaker does not have a cone like a normal speaker, instead it is only the driver and uses the flat surface it is attached to to replace the cone. In this case the plastic cover is used as the speaker. Here is a audio test using a Mp3 player as audio source and going through a 10 watt amp.

The voice changer is built around a electro harmonix iron lung vocoder. This is a pic of a early experimental setup. The voice amp will be replaced by the belt. The Mp3 player will be replaced by a electronic ciruit board. The mic in the helmet will be wireless.