Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RC BSG Landram project

I guess I should post about a project that is almost done. I decided to do a Radio controlled Landram vehicle from the classic TV show Battlestar galactica.

For this project I will use a Spygear ATV-360 toy as a starting point.

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About the ATV-360.. 
ATV 360 Spy Gear Spy Video by Wild Planet. It isn’t just having a fun toy, but also improves a child’s motorskills by learning to navigate the device. Spy Gear ATV 360 is a real spy video off roading vehicle. It is radio-controlled and the range is about 10m through brick walls in the house. It has an audio feed that transmits wirelessly to a earbud. You are actually getting three toys in one: The RC tank itself which does a good job of getting over obstacles such as clothes, toys, and rugs on the floor. A spy camera which allows you to see what the toy is seeing though a head set. Also it has an electric ear.

Back to the project..
The Landram body is made from sheet styrene plastic. A special idea is to reuse the ATV-360's B & W cam. I will be placing it behind the driver windshield. Connect the video receiver, (part of the control transmitter), to a video monitor, (tv), and you will see what the driver would see in you were in his chair. It will have lights as well. Size will be roughly 13" (33 cm) long, 8" (20 cm)wide, and 6" (15 cm)tall.

major detailing is done, just need to do minor tweaks and small details.




More details added


test vid of landram body still needs to be mounted, lights and cam installed, and a few more details.

Note to self, repace batterys before next vid !!

beginnings of the lights..

still working on a case to make them look rectangle.


Here are a few more pics of the almost finished LandRam



Still need to add the white detail parts to the lights and add cam.

New vid, still need cam and body mounted, and light detail.